2018 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 2May 02, 2018


Based on the meeting about the design of our model, we have created the model with CAD software by the beginning of this class. In the class, we learned how to use the laser cutter and actually made the model with it. It worked better than I expected even when cutting complex parts. The created model didn’t seem to be tough, so we discussed how to reinforce the multicopter. We also talked about the required components considering their restrictions. All of the discussion has not been concluded yet but we are going to elaborate them by next week. Finally, we divided ourselves into 2 teams; Structure team and software team. I will be involved in the software team so I am going to study a microcontroller called Pixracer and try it in the next class. Our work has just started but I cannot wait to experience how it will go. 先週のミーティングの内容に基づいて、CADでマルチコプターの設計をしたものをレーザーカッターで切ってみることから今回の授業を始めました。私はレーザーカッターを使ったことがありませんでしたが、実際に切ってみて思ったよりも正確に複雑な構造にも対応できることに驚きました。作ってみると、やはり強度があまりないことがよくわかり、その点をどう改善していくかを話し合いました。ソフトウェアや必要な物品の選定についても議論し、来週からは構造班と制御班にわかれていろいろ試していく予定です。