2020 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 2October 28, 2020


The member of teamA is Daiki Sawa and Ryousuke Takayama. And Mr. Kim is instructing us. This week, we made a concrete three-dimensional figure, and decided needed parts and gross product schedule based on advice professors gave us in the last class. We are going to make multicopter (quodopter), and install FPV and legs which can extend and fold automatically. The frame is going to be made by plywoods or balsa woods because they are light. Also, we are to use 3D printer to make parts which is difficult to form by woods. The detail structure will be adjusted while we are repeating trial and error. Professor Kim instructs us about FPV and we are interested in FPV very much.
We are looking forward to starting to produce drone and seeing our drone fly.