2023 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 3December 20, 2023


This week, Team C installed the planks.
Last week, the cut-out ribs were fixed to the plans with masking tape, and spars were passed over and fixed to all four points on the top and bottom, front and back of the ribs, but at some of these points the ribs and spars were detached or misaligned, so this week this was the first thing to be corrected. The area to be fixed was first separated into ribs and spars using a cutter, then the ribs were sandwiched between rectangular pieces of steel and fixed so that they were perpendicular to the table. It was then fixed using super glue to ensure there was no misalignment.
After the modifications were made, we set about fitting the planks, and TA showed us how to do it. First, we made the upper plank. First, we prepared some balsa boards of 1 mm thickness, adjusted the length roughly, and attached them to the top of the spar with masking tape. Next, the balsa boards were moved and instant adhesive was applied to the area where the ribs meet the plank, then the balsa boards were bent along the ribs and glued together. Next, the bent planks and spars were glued together. This was done for the front part of the top face, the bent boards were glued together and the length of the boards was sanded to match the front spar and all glued together. After this work was done, the feet on the ribs were cut off and the surface was prepared with sandpaper before starting the process of attaching the planks to the reverse side. We proceeded in the same way as for the surface, but the time came when we had glued one balsa board.
In the next class time, the goal is to put up all the planks, cut out the ribs on the other side, line them up on the drawing, pass the spars over them, and fix them in place, but we will work as much as we can as the remaining time for making the planks is short and there are only three members in Group C. In this work, the planks were sometimes distorted, so we will be careful how we apply force to create them.