2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 9July 03, 2019


Today, our team continued to product the drone part.
The size of the drone was a relatively large 70 cm square, so the wiring had to be longer than that of the initial condition. Therefore, we extended the cable in the same way as last week. And finally, the wiring part was completed. Next, we assembled carbon pipes to make a drone frame, and in order to connect the carbon pipes in the corners of the square, we constructed the parts of plywood. And we planned to use 4 carbon pipes assembled in a square shape and 1 through the center. But considering the propeller stability, we decided to use two more carbon pipes for the diagonal of the square. In addition, the drone needs feet when landing, so we cut the excess carbon pipes and made some holes on the plywoods to attach them.
The next week, the drone will be completed. We hope it flies without any problems.