To Indoor Flying Robot Contest... October 1st weekOctober 03, 2013


In this week, we repaired the main wing of the air plane No.3 and made a new main wing. We did not only repair the old wing but corrected some problems which were found in the former test flights. Holding angle of this wing was increased from 3 degrees to 5.5 degrees because we aimed to increase lift when it flies in level flight. This wing was built in the same way which we made the main wing of airplane No.3. However, the new wing was lighter than old one. That is because the center rib of the new one was smaller than that of the old one. To save time, the ailerons of the airplane No.2 were used as the ailerons of the new wing. The next test which we will use the new wing will be held on October 9th. 今週は三号機の主翼の修理と新しい主翼の組み立てを行いました。古い主翼は破損部の修理のみならず、飛行試験で見つかった不具合の修正が行われました。この主翼は取り付け角を3度から5.5度に増大させトリム状態で発生する揚力の増大を狙っています。それ以外は三号機の主翼に準じていますが、センターリブの大きさが小さくなった分だけ軽くなっています。時間節約のためエルロンは二号機から転用されました。三号機の主翼を新しい主翼に置き換えた飛行試験は来週水曜日に行います。

菅原 寛生(Hirotaka Sugawara)