The 4th ClassMay 08, 2013


In May 8, we started to build a light and high-performance RC-plane, which is a kit and already designed.
We are doing this because all of the participants this year are juniors, and none of us has enough skill to design an aircraft from scratch. By building a model RC plane, we can learn specific techniques of building and designing a model plane.
We were divided into 2 groups; one group started building the main wing, and the other started to build the fuselage.



The model is mainly made by balsa wood, which is used for building the frame, and polystyrene paper, which is used to cover the frame. We were surprised at how the materials are light, and how the structure is so concrete. In the 1.5 hour class, we built the frame of the fuselage and the wing, and started to paste the polystyrene paper. 素材は主にフレームを作るバルサと外板となるスチレンペーパーの2つです。作業をスムーズに行うために5人を2つの班に分け、片方が翼を、もう片方が胴体を組み立て始めました。私たちは使用する素材の軽さ、そしてフレームの堅固さに驚きました。授業時間の間でフレームはほぼ組み終わり、これからスチレンペーパーを貼り始めるところまですすみました。

正村 康太郎(Kotaro Shomura)