2014 winter semester team A 2ndNovember 19, 2014


 Weekly report from team A. This semester for the flying robot project, we have decided to make a mannered ornithopter - an aircraft that is propelled by the flapping of its wings..
 Our purpose is to make an ornithopter that starts flying by hand launch, and that can be controlled using a radio transmitter. In short, our goal is to make an ornithopter that “can fly”.
 We would like to equip the aircraft with an articular mechanism on its main wings (something like hinge). It is our belief that these mechanism can enhance the flight performance of an ornithopter.
 However, we think this could fail. If it does, we will use an already proven wing design. If it succeeds, we would like to equip the aircraft with landing gears so it can take off by itself. We will make our schedule considering these scenarios.
Rough design for the plane has been finished, and we will make a more detailed plan, and choose materials by next week.

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Shintaro Sakaguchi