2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 12th Team CJune 30, 2016


This week, we finished constructing the main wing. We completed making the flame of the wing and put colored paper to this as wing-membrane. We chose black for the main color of the plain. Next we applied body, elevon, vertical wing and other parts to the wing. Most of the parts of the plane have been completed and we are going to finish all the process of production in next week. Our tasks to do in next week are to make electrical parts and to strengthen the bond between the main wing and the body. We may add color decoration to the wing if we have enough time. Some of us wanted to draw yellow and red line on the wing like the flag of Kingdom of Belgium.
This week, we made a great improvement. All of us made a great effort and completed almost two times as many works as we had expected in last week. Moreover, our skills of construction was matured dramatically. Thus, I think that this week was valuable and meaningful.
However, we found some small problems in this week. For example, we discovered that the bond between the body and the main wing was vulnerable nevertheless we paid attention to all the process. We have to inspect all of the parts of the plane.
Shimizu Takahiro
College Of arts and Science , The University Tokyo
東京大学教養学部理科一類 清水 崇博