To Indoor Flying Robot Contest... about what we did in September...September 30, 2013


The first airplane we made flew smoothly. However, there are two major problems. First of all, maneuverability and longitudinal stability of the first one is not good because sizes of tail planes are too small and area of ailerons, rudder and elevator of the first one are not enough. Secondly, because of the bad design and unstable fixing, the launcher, which is used to dropping dummy cargoes, did not have enough reliability.
To solve these problems and to improve our airplane, we started making the second air plane. It has larger tail planes and rudders and its launcher was newly designed and was equipped stably. Furthermore, the second one is much lighter than the first one because we equipped electric devices more efficiently and we reduced the number of stiffeners. Firstly this one could not fly well. That is because, as a result of reduced stiffeners and larger tail planes, torsional rigidities of main wing and tail planes are not enough to support the forces from the elevators and the rudder. To make matters worse, this airplane is difficult to do maintenance. We equipped servomotors which drive the elevator and the rudder on the center of the main wing. However, this design is not good because when we want to regulate the elevator and rudder, we need to equip the main wing and the fuselage.

Finally, we decided to make a new airplane. This third airplane’s tail planes have lower aspect ratios. That is because we need to reduce torsion of tail planes. Also, the main wing also has stronger torsional rigidities. To improve serviceability, we equipped servomotors individually and used the joint that connect the main wing and the fuselarge. This one will firstly fly on September 30th. 三号機は以下の様な特徴を持つ。

菅原 寛生(Hirotaka Sugawara)