2018 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team F Article 4July 11, 2018


This week the other wing was fitted with the same poly-carbonate sheet cover as well. The cover was applied in the same manner as the previous week, using superglue. Additionally, the rear end of the wing frame was completed. First, missing spar like frame in the rear of the wing were cut out from 2x4mm (which was fabricated from two 2x2mm) wooden stick. They were glued into place using superglue. This does not actually function as spar, as it is constructed using multiple pieces, but function to hold wing cover into place. To two of such frames was attached elevon, using string, and to two other frames were attached drag rudder also using string. The rest of wing cover was done using thinner softer, and lighter sheet of plastic. First covers were glued to the elevons and drag rudders using adhesives pre-applied on the plastic sheet. The excess sheet was then trimmed into shape. Rest of the wing was covered using sheet without adhesive, using double sided tape. The joint between poly carbonate and the thin covering material was sealed using masking tape, to prevent air from rushing in. This week, we managed to cover the entire top sides of both wings. After that, fan duct was glued to the body frame using epoxy glue. The glue was left for curing as it takes 24hours to completely cure, according to the spec sheet. 今週はもう一方の翼にもポリカーボネートの被覆が付いた。カバーは先週と同様に取り尽けられた。加えて翼のフレームの後縁部分も完成した。まだ付いてなかった桁状の骨も2x4mm (2x2mm2本からなる)によって作られて取りつけられた。これは被覆を止めるためのものである。そのうちの二つにはエレボンが取り付けられ、もう二つにはドラッグラダーが取り付けられている。 残りの被覆はより薄く柔かいビニールで作られている。エレボンとラダーは最初から付いていた接着剤で取り付けた。余りは切り取られた。残りは只のビニールで作られた。Pcの部分との接合部はマスキングテープで覆われた。 その後、ファンダクトがエポキシで取り付けられ、24時間放置された。