2018 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 4December 12, 2018


In the last class, we assembled the frame of our drone. We used carbon pipes and white joints made of polylactide. The problem is that polylactide is so heavy that the drone might not obtain enough lift force. We already have some ideas of solution, but whether they work or not is unclear until we actuary try them.
First plan is to change the mortar to more powerful one. If we change the mortars, we also need to change the propellers, batteries and other parts, which means we have to return to the start. Second plan is to use lighter material instead of polylactide. In our workplace, we can also use ABS, but it is a little heavier than polylactide. We can outsource manufacturing joints to companies like DMM, but it takes and costs much. Third plan is to make the parts thinner and smaller. If the parts are small or thin, the drone will be easier to break. As you see, each plan has both good points and bad points. We will combine these ideas and make our drone fly in two months.
Some of our team members are trying to do simulation of flight with their computers. They are using Ubuntu Linux LTS as a development environment. They are now following instructions on the website below: (English), and (Japanese). Also, they are setting up our fight controller PX4 using QGroundControl (
The attached picture is about the frame of our drone and its CAD.
 班のメンバーの数人は,コンピューター上でのフライトシミュレーションを行っている。シミュレーションの詳細は, (英語), (日本語)に載っている。また,フライトコントローラーであるPX4のセットアップも,QGroundControlを用いて行っている。