2023 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 1May 24, 2023


We are working on drone production as Group D. The other groups have six members, but our group has four because two members quit. It is a small group and half of the members are Komaba students, so it looks busy, but we are willing to share the work and make it work.
The drone we plan to build is a quadcopter with four motors and propellers. We decided to use carbon square pipe for the frame and a combination of 20mm and 30mm thick wood for the joints, the center where the battery will be placed, and the four corners where the motors will be placed.
・This week's work
Since we had not yet obtained the carbon pipes, we imported the data created in Fusion360 into the laser cutter and process the wood parts as much as possible. Of course, the size after machining is not always the same as the imported data. Sometimes they can be burnt. Therefore, it was necessary to devise the cutting speed and strength settings of the laser cutter while considering the wood's thickness. As for this week, we were able to cut about 12 pieces. I thought I should have checked and prepared the data for processing well in advance. This is because CAD operation is very tiring without a mouse, and it is better to concentrate on it alone.
In next week's class, I hope to complete at least the part using the laser cutter. Also, I think I will receive some purchased items (carbon pipe, etc.), so it would be great if I could cut them with a saw to complete the entire frame if possible. (I know it won't work that well!) Also, I would like to work on the control, which is a difficult part of the drone, as soon as possible. I know nothing about control, so I will do my best to learn. Hopefully, it will fly well in the end.