2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team B Article 8June 19, 2019


Hello, we are team B. This week, our group mainly assembled the parts we have made.
First, we cut out the parts of the main wings which was made by CAD with the laser cutter. Since all of the parts of the main wings are made by CAD, we still had a lot to cut out even though we had cut a lot last week, and so it took quite a few time to complete every cuts.
After cutting all the parts, we build up the main wings. Then we pasted the paper we use for radio-controlled airplanes to the top side of the wings. As a preliminary step, we finished making both main wings.
At the same time, the other members of our group put together the tail unit and fixed it to the fuselage, and also made the parts to fix the electronic devices to the fuselage.
Since our group is making a biplane, the space for other works declined sharply after we began to build up the main wings, and our work efficiency fell, but still, we are getting close to the accomplishment. How will our first plane be like? Will it fly properly? Our expectations and anxiety just keep growing.