2018 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team G Article 5June 27, 2018


This week, we firstly decided how to connect the rudder to the vertical stabilizer. At first, we planned to connect them with paper that are stuck on frameworks. But we changed to connect them with strings, because it is easier to decorate them. Secondly, we made parts that connect string to rudder, elevator and ailerons to swing them. To make it tough, we pasted two pieces of balsa wood together. We didn't think deeply on how to install electric parts to the plane, and we discussed about this topic. We had two choices: the first idea is that to fix them on the stick of carbon and the second is to hide them in the main wings. We preferred second one because the design of the plane is more attractive, cool for us and it works well in from an air resistance point. Then we designed some parts of balsa woods to put electric parts and a stick of carbon into the main wings. As for the appearance, we used a camouflage pattern as we had decided before. We used three colors, blue, white, and black. In this time, we finished attaching the colored papers to the horizontal tail and the vertical stabilizer, but we have not finished coloring the main wings yet. We only attached a white film to the main wing, using a branding iron. Next week, we are going to make some parts by cutting the board of balsa woods, fix them to the main wings. And to paste the film on the rib of the other main wing, paint main wings with sprays, and install the motor and servo are also needed. Moreover, we try to reduce weight as much as possible. We are looking forward to see our plain completely made up. 今週はまず、垂直尾翼とラダーのつなぎ方を決めました。当初、骨格に貼り付けた紙でつなぐ予定でしたが、デザインの関係で、紐でつなぐことにしました。 二つ目に操舵用の紐をラダー、エレベータ、エルロンにつけるためのパーツを作りました、丈夫にするために2枚のバルサを貼り合わせました。 電気系の取り付け方を決めていなかったので、話し合い、以下の二つの方法が上がりました。一つ目は本体の炭素棒に取り付ける方法、二つ目は主翼の中に隠してしまう方法です。デザインがよりかっこよくなるように、また空気抵抗の観点からも二つ目の案を採用しました。また、電気系や炭素棒を主翼に取り付けるいくつかのパーツをデザインしました。 外観に関しては、私たちは以前決めた通り迷彩柄を使いました。青、白、黒の3色を使いました。今回は、水平尾翼と垂直尾翼に色紙を取り付け終わりましたが、主翼の色付けはまだ終わっていません。私たちは主翼には白色のフィルムを、コテを使って取り付ける事しかしていません。 次週は、レザーカッターでバルサ材を切ってパーツを作り、主翼に取り付け、また主翼にフィルムを貼ってスプレーで塗装します。また、モーターやサーボも取り付けます。さらに、期待をできるだけ軽くする必要があります。完成が楽しみです。