2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 3May 22, 2019


Last week,our team made some parts of the tail assembly and a pair of supports which help us making main wings smoothly.And today,using these things,we worked on two main tasks.First,we put thin paper on each parts of the tail assembly,which we found a hard task in spite of its simplicity.At this work,we cannot use instant adhensive because the flying robot will be a little heavier when we use it,so before our work,we made an adhensive ,diluting wood glue with water.And then,we glued one of the parts on a piece of paper and cut it to be a size larger than a subject.Next,we fold excessive paper and glue it on the balsa wood.For me, this step was hard because to make nicely,we cannot use too much adhensive,but if the adhenensive is not enough,the paper wouldn’t stick to the tail parts.According to what I heard,it seems that we have to do this work many times until the last product finally will be made, so I have to get used to it.Though we had to spray water to complete making tail assembly, we had no spray.Therefore ,we put the completion on hold until next week.
As the second task,we started making main wings with balsa and wooden boards which were cut with a laser cutter.The supports we had made last week functioned well,so this work was going well and we could see the general form of the main wings.
According to our team leader,we may be able to make the first flying robot in two weeks.Though today,we couldn’t fully finish any tasks,we want to try hard to finishing the phase of making the frame and move on the phase of programming for self pilot.