2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team F Article 8July 03, 2019


We are still working on the gravity center adjustment device (GCAD). The main parts of GCAD were made and assembled, but 3 new problems came out as:
1) The weight of GCAD could decline too low if the thread was not tense enough while keeping the thread tense is really hard.
2) The thread is prone to fall out of the pulley.
3) The length of the thread is unable to be adjusted once settled down.

In order to solve these problems, several major changes were made to the design.
1) A long stick is used to support the weight. The thread is connected to the stick instead of to the weight, which means that the connection is shortened. It would help to keep the weight in a stable position with less effort.
2) Cable ties are applied to join the thread and make it flexible to change the length because cable ties could be easily increased. As well, it could be very easy to make the thread tense by fastening cable ties.

With these solutions, we will continue to make more progress.