2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 4May 29, 2019


Until the previous class, we had already completed the basic structure of each wing, but other more complex and movable parts, such as aileron, elevator, and rudder remained uncompleted.
Today we completed the whole structure of wings, main wings, vertical stabilizer, and horizontal stabilizer.
At the same time, since those tasks don’t require more than 3 people, other students, including me, were engaged in selecting the motor, servo motor, and gear to use on our planes. Before doing that I totally misunderstood that this work is really easy and can be done without thinking anything. It turned out, however, that this work included some calculation to find the least amount of power for our plane to fly, and that calculation was really hard working for me…
Anyway, we could finally finish all the tasks scheduled beforehand, today was a very good day!
In the next class, we must be able to finish our plane in terms of the structure, hopefully. After that, we will have to begin working on controlling our plane with Arduino, which means that all of us have to review or study to be familiar with Arduino…
It must be hard work, but I want to make a full effort to accomplish it.