2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 7June 19, 2019


This is team A. And we want to report our plan progressing this week.This week, we did two main tasks.
 Firstly, our team began to construct electrical systems. At first ,we had planned to finish writing programs for basic controls and complete electrical wiring.However, we were all beginners, and had to begin from the scratch ,so it took more time to make our program work correctly than we had expected. Today, we looked up how to write programs and wrote the program for Arduino to control the propellers spinning rate. At first, the program we had wrote did not work well and even if we correct possible mistakes as long as we can find, the Arduino still didn’t work. But after trial and error, one of our teammates finally found the cause of error, and thanks to him, we managed to make a program correctly.This week, we couldn’t start electric wiring, so, we want to start it next week.
 Secondly, we moved the process of aircraft’s making forward. One of our teammates cut some parts for the aircraft with a laser cutter according to the data our team’s leader had made. And using these parts, we assembled the body. Today, we attached a front wheel which we had made last week and a rear wheel which we made from the parts cut with the laser cutter today. After attaching these, we found that two wheels is not endurable enough for flight, so we reinforced those parts with piano strings.After that, they seemed to get stronger.
 Since we almost completed making our aircraft body, we will be able to focus on electricity systems from the next week and want to move the plan forward as soon as possible so that we could start to program for self control.