2015 summer semester team D 6thJune 24, 2015


We finally completed the main wings on Friday 26 June. As is the same situation since last few weeks, our progress is behind the schedule. Now the delay is so crucial that we have to worry that we won’t be able to be in time for the time limit – exhibition on 6 July. Of course we are all trying to get things done by then, making use of every free time including lunch break.
As for the electronic devices, one member of us has been working on them and built up this week a whole system that controls the body by driving the ladder and the elevators according to the tilt of the body. This system consists of sensors, a microcomputer, speed controllers and servo motors. If the body is tilted then the microcomputer integrates signals from the sensors and calculates how many degrees to change the angle of the ladder and the elevators. This result of calculation is then transferred proportionally to the speed controller and the servos. To tell the truth we had been thinking of the PID control, but one of our forerunners taught us at the meeting I referred to last week that the control can work effectively only with proportional result.
Thus our preparation is progressed especially in electrical part and the situation that we have to work intensively on the physical part remains.

Department of Mechano-Informatics
Shun Yasunaga

安永 竣