2021 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 2December 01, 2021


Today, we had several tasks going on at the same time.

 First, the vertical tail fin framework that we had been working on since last week was completed. We glued the wood we cut out last week and attached the gussets to the corners. The parts were so small that it was difficult to glue them together.
 Next, we cut out the horizontal tail fin and finished assembling the framework. The horizontal tail plane is based on the Clark Y wing shape and is installed by turning it over. The horizontal tail plane is divided into two parts, front and rear, and the rear part functions as an elevator.
 Next week, we will put the sheeting on both the vertical and horizontal tail fins.

 We have also made some progress on the main wings. First of all, the joint between the body and the main wings has been completed. Since we are building a biplane, the structure needs to be suitable for that. The photo shows the completed joint, which was made by cutting out 3mm balsa and using the grooves to assemble it. The original plan was to use 2mm balsa, so there were only 2mm grooves, and when we forced the assembly, some of the parts were damaged. We used instant adhesives to fix the damaged parts.
 We finished cutting out the ribs for the main wings. Next week, we will start installing the ribs.