2018 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team B Article 2December 05, 2018


Last week, we make two vertical tail wings and a horizontal tail wing. As you know, the aircraft we’re making has three body, two for wheels and one for a propeller and controllers. This is the reason that we made two vertical tail wings. This week, we put papers on the wings. The number of colors we use for the airplane is 8!! We selected the colors carefully. Finally our plane will be so cool! We are amateurs, so this is the first time for us to put papers on the plane. The glue has to be mixed with water. It’s difficult to stick papers tight. After several trials, we managed to create three tail wings. Next we will spray water on them. The papers we put will go taut.

This week, we also made the frameworks of main wings. There are four main wings in our plane. Two outside wings is longer than inside wings. The cambers are made by laser cutting machine. The length of the outside wings is 45 cm and the number of its camber is 3, 25 cm and 2 cambers for the inside ones. Wings have two ribs made of timber in the front and the back and a cfrp rod in the middle. Also we crossed the timbers on the wings for twist forces. Next week, we will put papers on them and make jigs between bodies and wings by a 3D printer.

Yoshihisa Shibata