2014 winter semester team A 7thJanuary 07, 2014


Weekly report from team Ornithopter. Our team did a mid-term presentation this week.
On December 24th we performed a flight test at the baseball park in Hongo campus. We mainly checked the motion of the ornithopter’s main wings and observed its flight performance. We used two sets of wings; the commercially-available ‘Cybird’ wings and the original wings made by us.
During the test, we were able to control the airplane with the commercially-available ‘Cybird’ wings freely, mainly because the driving force exerted by the flapping wings was larger than the airplane’s weight. On the other hand, we couldn’t sustain the flight with our original wings for over ten seconds. We believe this happened because the torque of the motor was too small to provide the necessary thrust. So our team decided to select a new motor, which has more power than previous one, and improve the wings to make them lighter.
In the following days, using our original wings we aim to take off, circle and land safely, sustaining the flight for at least thirty seconds.

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Yuji Koike

小池 裕司