2019 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 5December 10, 2019


Hello, I’m Kenta Tanada, a member of group D of flying robot project in 2019 autumn.
In this week, we attached vertical tail and horizontal tail to the body and started to make some equipments to control rudder and elevator. However, now we have hard time finding better one that controls them efficiently and smoothly while it does not interfere with movement of other parts.
We also made some parts that would be used to connect the main wing to the body and we figured out a good way to make the main wing detachable so that it would be easy to move our airplane.
Next week, we are going to start making the main wing. At first, we are going to cut plywood board with laser cutters to make the frame of main wing. After that, we’ll cover the surface with paper. We also have plan to make an aileron on the main wing, so it will be harder than making normal wings. However, We enjoy this class and we are looking forward to completion of our airplane and this project.
Thank you.