2015 winter semester team i-Pochi 1stNovember 04, 2015


Hello, this is the quad copter team. Our team name is i-Pochi, as our goal is to make an aircraft that detects a person and follows them automatically like a dog (Pochi is one of the popular name for dog in Japan) and take a picture.
Today, we held our first test flight under guidance of Mr. Iwataki, a member from last semester. Our aircraft were able to drive enough thrust to liftoff, however, the automatic control system was not adequate to keep a stable flight. Our next task is to adjust our PID control system to obtain a stable flight and to work on our camera system.

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Tomoyuki Yamasaki
クワッドコプター班、i-Pochiです。 私たちの目標は離陸、人を検知して自動追尾、写真撮影、着陸までを全自動で行う機体を作成することです。この動作が犬のようなのでポチと名付けました(ポチは日本でよく使われる犬の名前です)。