2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 4th Team BMay 25, 2016


This week, we upgraded previous data, and calculated various elements about our airplane again.
Based on that calculation, we made out an initial three-view drawing using CATIA. We first created fuselage, wings, horizontal stabilizer, and vertical stabilizer, then we assembled these elements. In order to do this week work, we read a book about the mechanics of flying.
We can better understand what I have to do and what “we” have to do than previous week. Each of us know their own tasks perfectly, and they know the goal which our team member want to go to.
We overcome the problem of previous week.
We cannot have enough time to create a perfect initial three-view drawing. We should make a sophisticated plan about schedule. In aviation industry, it is very important to get work done until deadline. We should improve that problem.

Tomohei Taniguchi
College of Arts and Sciences, Science 1, Sophomore