2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 13th Team CJuly 06, 2016


This week, we finished making electrical parts, strengthening the bond between body and the main wing, and adding color decoration to the wing. Finally, we completed the all processes of constructing our plane.
After the working of this week, we checked if our plane(called "WAVE") can takeoff or not. Trying to minimize the risk of an accident, we made WAVE takeoff and were able to confirm that it had enough potential to fly.
Although the construction of WAVE was successfully ended, we still have some concerns about this plane. The difficulty accompanied in carrying WAVE to the place of flying test is one of them. Another is pilot's skill of controlling the movement of WAVE needed in the test. Since WAVE is a really unique plane, we couldn't have enough amount of practice to fly WAVE. We don't know how WAVE flies...It's the most anxious problem.

Yuya Hamaguchi
Department of Arts and Science,
the University of Tokyo

浜口 佑也
東京大学 教養学部 理科Ⅱ類