2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 3rd Team EApril 27, 2016


This week our team drew a 3-view drawing of the plane we intend to make.
Firstly, we determined the concept of our plane. Our team was formed of people who wanted to make a plane that can fly automatically. Therefore, we chose to make an conventional type plane that is able to fly slowly, so that controlling our plane automatically will be easier. From the limited time given, and our lack of experiences, we decided to make a plane that is partly automatic. To be specific, we chose to make a plane that can circle automatically.
After we decided the concept of our plane, we started making the first draft for our plane’s 3-view drawing. We were careful to keep the aerodynamic center behind the center of gravity. We named our plane EMA, because the shape of the main wing is similar to a traditional Japanese wooden board for writing wishes on, called an ema.
Although it was our first try making a 3-view drawing, we were able to figure out the flow of designing a model plane. We were also able to design a plane that should be able to fly slowly and stably.
However, from our lack of experiences, there are several things we are not sure about, such as the shape of the main wing, and the size of the empennage. We intend to ask for advice on how to make these points better.

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Junior
Keisuke Kanda

工学部航空宇宙工学科 3年