2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 4th Team AMay 04, 2016


This week, we mainly discussed a 3-view drawing and submitted the amendment of the drawing. Last week, we submitted a draft of the drawing. However, it was not perfect. In short we had some points to amend. So we improved the figure consulting instructions which Teaching Assistants gave to us. Especially, we should have to discuss the form of rear plane. And also we decided the structure of the main wing, the rear plane and the body. We chose components and materials of our plane too. We moved forward to actually craft our plane.

As I mentioned above, the biggest achievement of this week was to determine the amendment 3-view drawing. Through this process, our plan has come to more realistically. And finally we could decide to install an aileron which we can use as a flaperon.

Installing the flaperon to very small model plane is not an easy work. It weighs than normal aileron so we should install that at the cost of some elements. Moreover we do not know how big the effect of the flap is. So now, we are trying to clarify an assumable effect of the flap using an aerodynamic analysis soft.

Morito Katsuyama
College of Arts and Sciences, Science 1 freshman

教養学部理科一類 1年生 
勝山 杜都