2021 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 3June 16, 2021 The University of Tokyo


This week, our team started building the tail assembly. We first printed out the full-scale tail onto paper and traced the shape out using thin strips of balsa wood. Through this process, I learned that this method creates a more secure structure than cutting out the entire shape from one sheet of balsa would. This is because using one sheet makes the structure vulnerable to bending in one direction since the grains of the wood would all run in the same direction. The adhesive joints were glued together using instant glue. We also attached small pieces of balsa wood to the joints for added security. Next week, we will finish building the tail and move on to the construction of the main wing. We hope to be able to use the laser cutter to cut out the ribs of the main wing and start attaching them together using balsa wood. We also need to confirm how we will be building the body of the plane. We have already decided to cut the body out of styrofoam. However, the exact procedures are yet to be decided.