2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 2May 15, 2019


This day was the first day we started actual construction work for making our flying robot. The concept of our flying robot is the hybrid of a quadcopter and a fixed wing airplane. The robot will be move by the 4 motors of the quadcopter part and the wings of the airplane part will be used for hovering and turning. Because of this, we thought that the quadcopter part should be made and checked for operational use as soon as possible so we started working on circuits of the quadcopter.
We had prepared pixhawk, the main controller of our robots, brushless motors, Electronic speed controllers and propellers already. Firstly, we connected pixhawk and PC, and checked how to use and calibrate sensors by a software, QGroundControl. It worked correctly, and the connection between pixhawk and proportional radio controller was also confirmed. Secondly, we made some cords by a soldering iron. Some connectors were not prepared, so we couldn’t make all the cords we need.
Next week, we will start making the body of the quadcopter part, and finish making cords. We need to prepare connectors and CAD data of our flying robot by the next class.