2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 3rd Team CApril 26, 2016


We started only this one concept paper. The concept we had in common is to create unique and cool aircraft which can fly. The ideal shape is like the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit. This aircraft has no tail. So it can be easily predicted that controlling this aircraft would be very difficult. And we will also hit the wall on making a weight valance. Anyway we started discussing and calculating various values which are essential for writing an accurate drawing.
In this week, we barely ended up in making an initial three view drawing. No one in this group had an experience of designing aircraft, so we had much trouble in designing. But the resume which Prof. Tsuchiya made for us was very useful and gave good influence to our group-working.
Our problem is that we don’t have a confidence that our aircraft can really fly. We have a little knowledge of aircraft and this special shape. So we have to make some research on the how tailless aircraft fly.

University of Tokyo, Department of Arts and science
Manabu Nishiura