2021 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 1November 24, 2021


Our group was divided into two groups to work on the project. Nanako worked on the electrical components, while Atsushi and I designed the main wing.
Nanako attached the female banana plugs and the copper wire for the ESC. It was difficult for her to fix them with masking tape, so she had a hard time.
In addition, she also glued the power supply cables. The red and black cables of the battery corresponded to the red and black cables of the ESC respectively. She was nervous working on them because she was told that they would explode if she reversed them.
This was the first time she used a heat gun to shrink the heat shrink tubing, and she was impressed with how nicely it shrunk.
When I asked her about her impressions of the class, she told me that she was relieved that the motor seemed to work correctly, even though she had heard that the motor would rotate backward if one pair of terminals was rearranged. She was relieved to hear that the motor seemed to be working properly. While she laughed when the teaching assistant mistook her name for "Ms. Yamazaki" several times.

Atsushi and I worked on exporting the DXF data from Fusion360 in order to cut out the parts with the laser cutter.
Both of us worked silently, sharing the work of dismantling each part from the overall diagram created in Fusion360. The hardest part was to devise a way to reduce the needless pieces when we cut the parts from 50cm x 10cm wood.
It took a lot of time and effort to do something we were not used to, and we could not reach the laser cutting stage. Next time, we will start with laser cutting.