2018 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team F Article 8June 13, 2018


This week, all the ribs were reinforced, and the assembly for drag rudder and elevon began. The issue that the ribs were weak against vertical forces, such as lift or gravity, was addressed by adding small pieces of balsa wood whose fiber runs perpendicular to that of the ribs. The pieces run from the hole in the ribs where top spar will be held, to the holes where the bottom spar will be held. This reinforcement greatly increase resistance against bending. The issue of the rear end of the ribs being too weak, was solved by sandwiching the balsa with poly carbonate sheet. The assembly of the body section began by gluing two pairs of the pieces which were cut out of thin plywood last week. No further advancement was made. The building of the drag rudders and elevon were began by measuring the 3d models of the plan. Elevon was easy due to it being almost completely flat. Its shape was traced on a sheet of paper, on which a sheet of plastic wrap was placed. The building took place on the template, by tracing its shape and gluing them together. The drag rudders were more difficult to make because they were more twisted. They were assembled by first building a supporting frame in the shape of a quadrangular pyramid. The actual rudder was assembled by placing stick over the frame and gluing them together, and later removing the supporting frame. Although the elevons were made, they seemed too weak for their size. They probably will be redone in the following weeks. 今週は全てのリブは補強され、エレボンとドラッグラダーの組み立てが始まった。リブの縦強度の脆弱性は繊維方向と直角のバルサを張ることによって修正された。その木片は上の桁から下の桁までを補強した。これは曲げにたいする強度を大きく上げた。後縁の強度はバルサをポリカーボネートで挟むことによって強化した。 胴体の組み立てはベニヤからきりだされた部品を2枚ずつ張り合わせることによってはじまったが、それ以上の進展はなかった。 ドラッグラダー、えれぼんの組み立ては3dモデルの測定から始まった。エレボンはほぼ平面なので簡単で、図面をかいてその上にラップをしいて組み立てを行った。ドラッグラダーは四面体をつくってその上でくみたてた。エレボンは組んだはいいがサイズの割に強度が足りず、作り直す。