2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team B Article 7June 12, 2019


We are team B of Flying Robot Project 2019 and making a double-wing aircraft which uses ailerons to control the position. As we made a main wing by hands last week, its accuracy became terrible (the wing warped a lot). Because of this happening, it was found that we must make foundations of main wings. Then, we designed four foundations with Fusion360 and made them this week. Owing to making these foundations, it became possible to make main wings in a high accuracy.
It was scheduled to finish making two main wings and to paste together. However, a laser cutter didn’t work well so our schedule didn’t get on well and we just finished making frameworks of main wings.
In addition, we started to prepare an electric circuit for control our aircraft.
Next week, we are going to do overtime work to finish making the whole airframe.