2020 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 5November 23, 2020


We were able to complete to assemble almost all the parts of our plane this week. There are still some works remaining, but we may conduct test flight next week.
This week we started from painting our main wing which we finished last week. Since our plane is a water plane, we have to prevent balsa woods from bending by getting wet, and the lacquer we use is useful for making our wing ribs waterproof. After that, we pasted films on the upper surface of the main wing with irons, which costed us unexpectedly long time. We had to put additional wood sheets on the leading edge to make the film fit to the curve of the wing surface. Also we completed to assemble the empennage at the same time.
Then we made the connecting parts with laser cutter, and attached wings to the body. A motor, a receiver and servomotors were also attached to the body, and they were checked if they could work correctly. We failed to connect servomotors and moving surfaces with thread this week. We need to make a better way until next week and finish all the works before the test flight.
At last we put legs, floats with wheels and the body together. "