2021 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team CJuly 07, 2021 The University of Tokyo


This week, we assembled the remaining half of the main wing and assembled the main wing together. Although the structure was unstable at first and at one point the main wing split into two, we were able to fix it up and secure it by placing bits of pieces of wood for support. After the main wing came together, we added support bars that prevent the wing from bending when the aircraft is in the air. We then assembled the main wing onto the styrofoam body. Next week we will be able to assemble the entire body piece together and craft the aileron and the elevator. We are getting excited since we are nearly at the end of our crafting process and the plane is starting to come together. 今週は主翼の残りの半分を組み立てた。左右に主翼を繋ぎ、胴体部分と結合した。来週はエルロンとエレベーターの作成をし、飛行機の動体部分を全て組み立てたい。完成が近づいてきて、わくわくしてきた。