2019 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 1October 30, 2019


Last week, we divided our team member of five into a body production team and a control team. And the body production team assigned our team members a task to create a rough blueprint of the body parts, reinforcement parts, connection parts, and propeller protection parts. The control team decided to use Pixracer as a microcontroller and studied basic things about it.
Today, both the main body production team and the control team started to make a full-scale plan for making drones.
As for the body parts, we shared the plan of the overall shape by showing the rough design of the body parts, reinforcement parts, connection parts, and propeller protection parts that we assigned each of us as homework at the end of last week. After that, we began to create 3D model of the overall body, and we purchased veneer wood for the drone body material and balsa for the propeller protection part. We have decided to make the connection part with a 3D printer. In addition, at the end of the meeting, we calculated the approximate thrust of the drone we will need, and the result was 30N. The calculating the weight of the drone body was halfway, but since the propeller has enough thrust and mainly uses balsa and veneer, we judged that we don’t have to worry about weight reduction of the body. And the next time, we will be able to start to work on production.
In addition, we checked the wiring diagram and initially set up the control microcontroller. Specifically, 1: Update firmware, 2: Selecting the type of aircraft to apply, 3: Compass calibration of the microcomputer sensor, 4: Calibration of the radio which adapt to transmitter, 5: Setting the flight mode. We will continue with the initial setting next time.
また、制御のマイクロコントローラーについては、配線図の確認や初期設定を行いました。具体的には、1:ファームウェアをアップデート、2:適用する機体の種類の選定、3:マイコンのセンサーのコンパスキャリブレーション、4:プロポ(送信機)と接続してのラジオのキャリブレーション(プロポのスティックのキャリブレーション)、 5.フライトモード(どのスティックでどの舵になるか)の確認、です。次回も初期設定の続きを行う予定です。