2018 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 2November 28, 2018


In this class, our team are creating an octocopter. Today we made some joints with 3D printer which connect carbon tube that we had ordered last week to create an outer frame. It was my first time to use 3D printer, so it was very interesting to see how 3D printer was working. The joint was smaller than we expected, but had efficient high stiffness, so it was ok. Also, we researched what kind of equipment we would need to create an octocopter and decided what to order next week such as PDB (power distribution board), propeller, motor and so on. I was not familiar with how all equipment should be connected and what they do, I asked a teaching assistant and he explained how the octocopter work to me. The problem is that the weight is enough light to fly. Next week, we will make other parts of octocopter as light as possible. I hope we manage to create our octocopter by the end of this semester.

Eik Mori

Eik Mori