2019 Spring Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 1April 24, 2019


 Today, we discussed what type of flying robot we will be making. Our team wanted to make a flying robot which combines multicopter and a fixed wing aircraft. However, we didn’t know what to do (our team members are 1st and 2nd year students.) We asked our TA what to do and he taught us a type of flying robot and basic knowledge of the aircraft; especially about the relationship between the shape of wing and resistance. We learned square wing will generate large resistance, round wing will generate small resistance although it’s a little hard to make round shape accurately. Furthermore, TA told us relationship between the thickness of the wing and strength of the wing (thick wing will be strong) and so on.
 The TA showed past members’aircraft and he told us about the robots’good and bad point. The TA said the wing should be strong because huge forces push the wing while the aircraft is flying. We learned that the strength of wing and a fixed multicopter propellers are important for robot to fly well.
After that,the TA taught us the basic knowledge, we decided to make multicopter first, and then, we will make fixed wing aircraft to combine with the multicopter. We heard that most past teams could make only multicopter or only aircraft, so we set our first goal to finish making the multicopter.
 Next time, we will talk about concrete design of our robot. Our teacher and TA told us about the softwares. We don’t know how to use a computer softwares to make concrete design of the aircraft, so we will learn how to deal with such softwares and make detailed design.
 今日、私たちはどのような種類の飛行ロボットを作成するかについて話し合った。私たちのチームは固定翼機とマルチコプター を組み合わせた飛行ロボットを作りたかったが、どうしたらよいかわからなかった。(私たちのチームは主に1年生と2年生で構成されているため。)そこでTAの方に何をしたらよいか聞いたところ、飛行ロボットの種類と航空機を作るにあたっての基礎知識(翼の形と抵抗の関係)を教えてくださった。四角形の翼は大きな抵抗を生み出し、丸い翼は抵抗は小さいが正確に形作ることが少し難しいということを学んだ。更に、TAの方は翼の厚さと強さの関係(厚いほど強くなる)こと等も教えてくださった。