To Indoor Flying Robot Contest... Flight testSeptember 30, 2013


We held the fifth flight experimentation in September 30th. We experimented the airplane No.3 which has improved from the airplane No.2. We found three drawbacks. First, it flow faster than we expected because the holding angle of the main wing is too small. Second, because of the big wing, the response was not good. Finally, when it once began to turn in a short radius, it is difficult for us to make it recover. That is because linkages of ailerons are not strong enough to resist against wind pressure from ailerons. To solve this problems, we decided to make a new main wing which will have larger holding angles and stronger linkage. If it will be equipped to the airplane No.3, it can fly more slowly and be easy to glide. 三号機は舵の戻りが遅い点、高速で急旋回するとエルロンが風圧に負け当て舵が効かなくなること、トリム状態の飛行速度が速い事が欠点として見つかった。舵のもどりの問題は大型の主翼によって機体の慣性モーメントが大きくなっていることが原因と思われる。エルロンが風圧に負ける問題はより太く曲がりにくいリンケージロッドをエルロンに用いることで解決する見通しである。飛行速度の問題は取り付け角の大きい主翼を新たに作成しより低速で飛行できるようにする予定。

菅原 寛生(Hirotaka Sugawara)