2021 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team A Article 4June 02, 2021 The University of Tokyo


This week, we worked on learning how to set up Pixracer on the computer. As it was the first time using it, we used a preset Pixracer that was used in past drones. We looked at the main control center in the Q ground control and looked at how it was set for the usage of Quad- copter. Then, we tried to fly it with the help of the teacher’s assistant, but due to some deterioration over time one of the propel did not turn, so we decided to try to reset the Pixracer so that it could be used for our tail sitter. We fiddled around with the settings, calibrations, and parameters and quite captured the overview of the main control system on the plane we were going to fly. We also had some chances to fly a digital plane using the real controller for drones but it was pretty difficult to stabilize the flying plane.
今週はPixracerの使い方について学んだ。まずはすでに設定が完了してあった過去に作られたドローンについてあるものに関してQ ground controlと繋げて設定をざっと見てみた。TAと動作確認を行い、飛ばしてみようと試みたが経年劣化の影響でプロペラが一つだけ回転しなかった。ゆえに、Pixracerを自分らが作るテイルシッター用の設定に書き換えようとした。設定やキャリブレーション、パラメーターなどをいじってPixracerの大まかな概要を掴んだ気がした。また、パソコン上での飛行機をプロポで操縦するということを体験してみたが、かなり難しかった。