2015 summer semester team D 2ndMay 27, 2015


Last week we submitted secondary three-plane drawings in which specification was much more detailed than in the first one. Although our plan have experienced last week a drastic change of equipment of ailerons, we had the third thought to remove it. There were several reasons, but the most influential reason was that there were little examples of ailerons-equipped planes in the past competition, from which we can learn the know-how. This is our first attempt to make a plane. We needed forerunners making the construction of body easier in order to attain our goal of precise control.
In the lecture more advices from TA’s were provided in addition to those in the last week. We are planning to set the propeller above the main body, heading backward. They taught us that this propeller and the motor can make taking-off difficult by inducing unnecessary moment, inclining the plane forward.
After the feedback TA’s introduced us to how to use the “laser cutter,” with which we can cut wood in a complicated shape as was input from the computer. The picture above shows it. We will make great deal of use of this machine from next week to cut out the frame of the plane.

Department of Mechano-Informatics
Shun Yasunaga

安永 竣