2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 8th Team AJune 01, 2016


 In the last class, we at last began making the plane, the main process of the course. The first phase we engaged in was to make the tale. For this phase, we had already completed a drawing of the vertical and horizontal parts of the tail. We covered the drawing by plastic film and on it we jointed the balsa. We divided the whole work into two, the vertical tail and the horizontal tail. By the end of the class, we succeeded in finishing the both parts. In the next class, we are supposed to make the main wings.

The good point of our work this week was that we could make the wing very smoothly and we almost finished the tail. This was accomplished because we completed the plan map in advance and we divided the work. Of course, the reason we chose a rectangular wing was to make it easily. The test flight date was set, so we are looking forward to it.

However, first of all, this was the first time for all of us to make the wings, so we had some difficulties. Firstly, it was a bit difficult to adjust the amount of glue. If we use it too little, the woods won’t attach, but if we use it too much, the balsa will be glued to the film covering a working bench and won’t be separated. Secondly, we had trouble in sharing the only one sanding block among four of us. In the next class, we want to make efforts to do the work more effectively.

Masaya Ido
College of Arts and Sciences