2023 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 6January 17, 2024


This week, group C shaped both wings and cut out the excess parts for joining. First, we worked on attaching the right-wing plank, which we did not complete last week, by attaching both the upper and lower sections, cutting off the larger-sized sections with cutters and scissors, and then smoothing the surface with sandpaper. After that, we decided to move on to the installation of the joints, but the trailing edge was distorted and not in a straight line, so we removed it from the rib and finished the work after cutting out a new rib. This rib will be installed in the next project.
Next time, we will cut some of the ribs, re-install the ribs so that the trailing edge is not distorted, and reinforce the ribs with square wood to contact the glued portion of the ribs to increase strength. In addition to reinforcing the ribs with carbon, we would like to add additional reinforcement with thin plywood and other materials we have available, install the elbows, apply Japanese paper or vinyl to the top and bottom of the wings, and then glue the tail wing in place. Although it is a lot of work, we have already secured the materials this week and have already confirmed some of the production methods, so we would like to divide the three of us into groups and work in parallel. As for the installation of the motor, we would like to adjust the center of gravity position after the overall work is finalized. Although there is not much time left, the three of us will work together to make the plane fly at the end of the project.