2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 14th Team AJuly 13, 2016


We conducted the 1st test flight this week. We were nervous that “Alpha” could not fly, but it certainly flew. But the result was not so bad, so we were relieved about it.
Though we had a big problem. The rigidity of the wing was too low. The wing twisted because it couldn’t withstand the lift and the drag. When the wing twisted, the angle of attack changed as a matter of course. It made the lack of stability during the flight. “Alpha” often turned to the opposite direction of the rudder and finally it crushed into a mop on the wall. As a result, a part of the leading edge and the airfoil was broken. The ailerons didn’t work because the twisted wing absorbed the movement of ailerons.
Diagonal braces of balsa were bended because of buckling. Thus they came to be inefficient. On repairing the leading edge and the airfoil, we added 2*5 balsa spars under the original main and sub spar, and stretched some stings between the extra spars. They made the wing more inflexible.
With this improvement the weight of the wing increased 5.5g. The wing of 85.5g is TOO heavy. We have to make the wing much firmer and much lighter in the same time. We must redesign the wing.

Tomoaki Yabu
2nd year sophomore student
University of Tokyo, College of Arts and Sciences (Science 1 course)

藪 智明
東京大学教養学部(前期課程)理科一類 2年