2023 Summer Semester Flying Robot Project Team D Article 6June 28, 2023


This week we mainly connected electrical devices with conductors. We bundled several conductors with clips and then soldered them together. The most difficult part of this work was joining the four motors' conductors into a single strand. 5 conductors were to be connected, so it was difficult to ensure that all the conductors were connected. After the connections were made, the wires were covered with heat-shrinkable plastic to insulate the surface. This week we also worked on fixing the motor to the stand. The motor was pre-drilled with a wimble and fixed to the stand with wood screws. You can see in the photo just the holes being drilled with a drill. By this week, almost all the electrical equipment had been connected and other parts installed.
Next week, we will continue with the assembly of the drone, which has a little bit left to do. We also hope to configure the PIXHAWK controller and learn about flight systems.
来週は、少しだけ残っている機体の組み立て作業の続きを行います。また、PIXHAWK コントローラーの設定を行ったり、飛行システムに関する学習を行ったりしたいと考えています。