2019 Autumn Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 6January 15, 2020


In the previous plan, we wanted to make a new drone body part slightly larger than the existing drone body part with plywood and continue to make the propeller protection part.
In the actual work, focusing on the work of the microcomputer (Pixracer), we assembled the drone body part on the plywood and assembled it to produce the propeller protection part. The details are described below.
On the microcontroller side, software QGC has been used to set the model type, compass calibration, flight mode, and other parameters. For the radio, we created an account and checked the switch of the arm and which stick was used as the rudder.
As for the drone body, a revised version of the drone body previously made using plywood was printed with a laser cutter. After that, the soldering of the motor and the connector was completed three times, and it was confirmed that each motor turned from the signal from the radio using a 2-cell revolver. However, the fourth motor has not been made because the metal parts of the connector were missing. In addition, we confirmed which direction each of the four motors of the multicopter should rotate.
Regarding the production of the propeller protection part, finishing touches were made on the joints.
This is the end of the official work, but we hope to get together and do some final assembly and test flights in the future.
実際の作業では、マイコン(Pixracer)の作業を中心に、ドローン本体部分のベニヤ板での製作後に組み立て、プロペラ保護部の製作を行いました。以下でその詳細 について述べます。