2015 summer semester team B 5thJune 17, 2015


Weekly report from team B. Our goals this week were to cut out the ribs for the wing, and to start building the wing. We knew that cutting out the ribs was our highest priority and we went on to that right away. Only after we cut out all the ribs did we realize we had not made up our mind on how the ribs would go on the main spar. In the end, we decided to carve out a small bit from the bottom side of each rib so that the spar could fit there. Meanwhile, some of us worked out the plan for placements of electrical components of the plane, and glued carbon strips onto the main spar to make it more durable. We feel that we are behind on our progress and so we will try and make sure to complete all the work before the date of test flight.

Science 1, College of Arts and Sciences
Go Yasui

安井 豪