2016 summer semester Flying Robot Project 4th Team EMay 04, 2016


This week, we rewrote our initial three-view drawing of the plane with smaller and smarter wings.
In the last class, staffs pointed out some flaws of our drawing. Their main point was that the wings and the vertical stabilizer were too large for our plane. To make wings smaller, we have to make our plane fly faster or to make the lift coefficient of the wings larger. Since our concept was to make the plane fly slowly, we decided to make wings with larger lift coefficient. Also, while reviewing our initial drawing, we found our plane wasn’t stylish. Therefore, by bending both wings along the machine axis and by making the horizontal stabilizer fan-shaped, we decided to make our plane look like sea gulls. As a result, our plane became much stylish and attractive.
However, there are problems of making planes shaped like sea gulls. One is that the wings may become fragile by bending. Also, since sea gull-shaped planes are not so familiar, it’s hard to estimate whether our plane meets the performance we are hoping for. Therefore, we will look for ways to improve strength of the wings and to calculate the performance of our plane more precisely.

Kota Dohi
3rd-year Bachelor Student
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

土肥 宏太