2023 Winter Semester Flying Robot Project Team C Article 4December 27, 2023


This week, Team C split into teams of two and one to install the planks and cut out the ribs on the other side.
Last week, we fixed the cut-out ribs on the drawing, corrected the misalignment of the spars at the four points on all the ribs, and installed the planks on all the top surfaces and part of the bottom surfaces. Then, the planks were glued in place. When sanding the adhesive area, we were advised that we should not use the sandpaper alone to sand the surface, but rather stick the sandpaper to a square piece of wood and apply force from various directions to create a clean curve and reduce aerodynamic drag, which we did.
On the other one, we started assembling the right wing and cut out the ribs with a laser cutter. Using the lessons learned so far, we added legs to all the ribs and also made notches with the laser cutter to facilitate cutting the ribs and legs. Now that all the ribs have been cut out, we would like to start aligning the ribs in the next class, but we will be careful not to destroy the ribs and feet because they are very fragile.
The goal for the next class time is to line up the ribs on the right wing side on the drawing, pass the spars and fix them, and then attach the planks. Since the remaining time for making this project is short and there are only three members in Group C, we will work as much as possible. We also hope to add a vertical board to reinforce the center plank and revise some of the design, such as how to position the sled and motor, at the same time before joining the right and left wings.